Dolpo is famous for the deepest lake, Phoksundo, in the entire Himalayan Region. The view of Kanjiroba peak, Phoksumdo Lake, and the Dhaulagiri massif is one of the most rewarding moments of this trek. The Dolpo region has only been opened to foreigners since 1989. Recently opened for trekking, this route is especially nice for those who love to explore remote areas reminiscent of an ancestral way of life. Dolpa remains a truly isolated corner of Nepal. Time has stood still here for centuries as inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the way they have done since time immemorial. The finally preserved ecosystem encompasses a wild and wonderful variety of plants and wildlife including the blue sheep and snow leopard and magnificent views including MT. Dhaulagiri( 8167 m). A trek through Dolpa is an experience not easily forgotten for instance an enchanting trek in this region by Peter Matthiessen gave birth to his masterpiece ?Snow Leopards?, a spiritual novel and one of the best sellers. A trek of this region is recommended for groups.

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